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Game Name: Washed Up!

Developer: Old Doorways

Released: October 16th 2018 (Steam)

Platforms: Windows, Mac

Availability: Digital Download (Steam)

Regular Price: US$11.99


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Washed Up! is a simple yet addictive pentomino-arranging puzzle game. You must help your crab buddies clear the beaches of the blocks which are washing ashore, before they cause pollution.

Arrange those blocks inland into squares of 3x3 or bigger to score points and clear them away!


  • Fun block puzzling with an interesting new twist!
  • Tackle blocks on both beaches in any order you like, but don't take too long deciding!
  • Risk / reward: expanding squares into larger ones scores you lots more points, but failing to complete it in time can leave lots of half-finished detritus in your way
  • A variety of power-ups to help you out of a jam: TNT blocks, cannons, time reversing ship's clock
  • Call in a storm by collecting the letters "STORM" from the island - the stronger waves help clear existing pollution and you can score lots of bonus points, but the aftermath can be messy...
  • Race against the clock in Time Attack mode
  • Score-chase against your friends, or chill out in Free Play mode
  • Day/night cycle

Origin & Interesting Facts

  • Washed Up! was first prototyped by husband and wife team Steve and Marie Streeting during the Global Game Jam 2017. We picked it up again later in the year and decided to develop it into a full game.
  • Washed Up! is the first game we've worked on together; it was an experiment to see if the dynamic worked between us, and we're glad it did!
  • Steve previously created the open source 3D engine Ogre3D back in 2000, and although he worked on the engine for 10 years and was involved in several games, this is his first full original game.




About Old Doorways

Old Doorways is husband and wife team Steve and Marie Streeting, who after 20 years of thinking about it, decided to finally make games together. They live on the small British island of Guernsey, just off the coast of France.


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