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Why SUDS Pro?

The base SUDS library is open source and available for free. SUDS and SUDS Pro are in fact written by the same author. So why does SUDS Pro exist? What's with the up-sell?

SUDS is quite a focussed library; it simply runs through a dialogue script and is very self-contained. This allows you to integrate it into your game however you like. I've always suggested that you'll probably want to use custom variables and events to tie things together, but exactly how you do that is deliberately left flexible.

SUDS Pro is essentially one way of integrating the dialogue with the rest of the game. It provides things like an automatic UI link, ways to perform camera cuts, character animations, camera effects, and cutscenes. These all 'cross the boundary' away from pure dialogue, and represent only one way of designing that bridge - one that I think is very useful, but not everyone using SUDS may agree. So it made sense to make it a separate library for that reason.

SUDS Pro also allows me to simplify things for people who don't want to deal with source plugins, by putting it on the Marketplace. But ultimately, maintaining something like this takes time and effort, so I made the call to make SUDS Pro commercial. Frankly, I write a lot of open source plugins, and they don't pay the bills. So if you buy SUDS Pro, you get to support my efforts a bit, while getting some extra functionality along with it. I think it's a decent deal, but ultimately it's your call.

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