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Version History


  • Support for UE 5.4.2 (you MUST update to .2, String Tables are broken in UE 5.4.0 & 5.4.1)
  • Fix text ID number generation when explicit IDs reduce just before new line without an ID
  • Fixes for 5.4 header ordering changes


  • Fix a crash when importing a blank choice line
  • Fix import errors not being visible in the Message Log
  • Add GetVoicedLineSound to retrieve sound file for a voice line rather than playing it
  • UE 5.4 Preview compatibility (NOTE: 5.4 Final introduced a breaking change so is not supported yet)


  • Added WaitNotify option which pauses the dialogue until NotifyDialogue is called (with an optional notification name)
  • Added FindDialogueCharacter utility function


  • You can now include escaped double-quotes in text literals e.g. "Some text with \"quotes\" in it"
  • Fixed speaker list not being cleared between script imports, meaning scripts imported later would think speakers from previously imported scripts were also mentioned. Mostly an issue for VO file generation.
  • Fixed editor import hang when a gosub or return line immediately followed a choice


  • Choices can now generate speaker lines, if you want your characters to speak choices by default. Documentation
  • Global variables (global.VarName) are now supported to share state between dialogues more easily. Documentation
  • Fixed re-importing scripts after writing back string keys when new lines were inserted without keys
  • Fixed flow charts in documentation


  • Fix infinite loop in import when event line is the last line, and also nested in a choice


  • Added support for UE 5.3


  • Fixed "Exit Dialogue Smooth Camera Duration" setting not being respected
  • Added SpawnVoicedLine2D function to dialogues
  • Added voiced line concurrency settings, defaulting to 1 concurrent voice
  • This means advancing through dialogue quickly automatically cuts off previous voiced line
  • Fix multiple CharacterMove events after a FadeOut only moving the first character, unless you used an explicit WaitFade.


  • Fix BP_SudsProDialogueRunner not loading in UE 5.1


  • Prevent crash when passing a null Participant to a dialogue as part of a set
  • Gracefully handle unconnected Player Character pin on BP_SudsProDialogueRunner's Start Dialogue function


Initial release